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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best loan servicing experience in private lending. It starts with understanding your business, then tailoring our services to fit the needs of our clients. By providing exceptional service and operational expertise, we help our partners focus more on what they do best - closing deals.

For over a decade, we have developed a complete suite of loan servicing solutions which include white label options that allow our clients to maintain their brand.

We do more than just collect payments and prepare documents, we strive to be a strategic partner so our clients can transform their business and propel it to greater heights.

Meet the Team

Barry Harari


An avid real estate investor in the trust deed industry for over 24 years, experiencing many trends and cycles in that span. He founded Superior Loan Servicing in 2009 as a response to an industry hungry for a more effective loan servicer.  12 years later, SLS has a robust portfolio of private-money notes totaling over $3 Billion under contract.  A licensed real estate broker with a Bachelor of Science degree in  Business Administration from California State University, Northridge. 

Scott Hacker

Vice President / COO

Over 22 years of experience in real estate including loan/funding servicing, foreclosure, unlawful detainer, construction loan financing, and REO management, Scott brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure the daily operations of the business run smoothly.

Howard Markman

VP of Information Technology /
Chief Information Technology Officer

With over three decades of experience in technology and business operations, as both an IT professional and company executive, Howard's expertise brings valuable knowledge of technology infrastructure, security, and leadership. His ability to provide strategic and innovative IT solutions helps ensure that SLS infrastructure will be able to expand appropriately.

Scott Evans

Sr. Vice President /
Director of Servicing

Prior to joining SLS, Scott held the position of the acting Senior Portfolio Relationship Manager with Fannie Mae, representing the largest servicing relationships for the GSE.  His 40+ years of experience in mortgage servicing, origination, secondary and capital markets expertise is a valuable addition to the SLS organization.  His impeccable record of accuracy, integrity, and customer service helps our teams achieve a high level of standard and professionalism.

Riki Metzger

VP of Business Operations

Before joining SLS, Riki ran the Accounts Receivable department for a local Colorado company for over 6 years.  She leveraged that experience to lead the Human Resources and Corporate Accounting department for the organization.  Her knowledge and organizational skills are a major asset, as she plays an instrumental role in the annual Financial and SOC1 audits.

Ryan Jesena

Director of Marketing & Communications

As an experienced Marketing Director with proven success in branding, strategic growth marketing, public relations, and communications, he leverages his over 15 years of knowledge to help organizations develop their narrative. With his unique background in the visual arts, storytelling, and data analytics, he is able to integrate technology, art, and logic to create innovative, authentic, and lasting marketing strategies.

Taric Jayawickreme

Assistant Director of Servicing

With over 2 decades of experience in the financial industry, Taric's proficiency in the areas of investments (stocks, bonds, and hedge funds), Private Mortgage Insurance claims, FHLMC & FNMA loan curtailments, and managing the daily operations of a private loan servicing company is an important resource for the organization.  Taric plays an essential role in ensuring the consistency and competence of the company's day-to-day operations.